Innovation Technology

Insign medical’s technology in endoscope brings disuptive innovation for medical industry. By adopting produciton automation,  single-use endoscopes are no longer the future but the present.  The automated assembly production is able to achieve large-scale mass production and contributes to shortening the gap between urban and rural medical resources

Total Solutions

One of the few players in medical industry who has its own AI endoscpy system integrated with its own endoscope.

Trust-Worthy Partner

A complete team of physicians with the most comprehensive solution in the industry.







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Inisign Medical

Insign medical is a medical technology startup company. The purpose of the establishment is to bring innovative technology for medical industy. With excellent product design and unprecedented automated production, we produce outstanding disposable endoscopes. By integrating with our own AI endoscopy system, it can detect lesions to increase adenoma detection rate (ADR) in real-time manner.

Established in 2020

With the most complete solutions in the industry, we provide clinical needs for medical staffs and become the most trust-worthy partner in the medical realm.


Insign medical Technoogy (Lingang) Ltd. officially entered the Life Blue Bay Science and Technology Park in Lingang Specical Area, Shanghai in October 2021

瑞擎醫療科技(上海) 公司很榮幸的於2021年10月正式進駐上海市臨港新片區生命藍灣生命科技產業區,並計畫即刻於園區內建造…

Insign Medical Technology (Hong Kong) Ltd. was approved and offered Incu-Bio Programme of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

香港科學園 (HKSTP) 生物醫藥科技培育計劃(Incu-Bio)旨在扶植生物醫藥領域內的創業公司,幫助其開展科研活動,發展世界級的研發方案。本計劃由香港科技園的生物科技群組管理,長達4年,為創業公司提供商業輔助、人際網絡拓展機會、資金支援和實驗室設施,化創新想法為實際成果。 瑞泰生醫…

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